You can become BTM Certified by graduating from a program with a valid BTM Accreditation.

You can also get recognition of your past degrees as equivalence to a BTM Certification.

List of programs in development.

While many excellent IT management programs exist already, accreditation ensures a fuller coverage of BTM Learning Outcomes, a set of objectives developed jointly by academia and industry.

Programs have been offered in Canada and the USA since 2009, with 20+ programs in Canada branded BTM, and a dozen accreditations and recognitions between 2013-2018.

Colleagues from several countries are joining the BTM Global Council to help accreditate new programs globally. More news soon.

Digital Leaders, Program Faculty, Graduates – Confirm Interest in BTM

Please fill out our BTM Survey to register existing BTM programs and inform us of your interest or comments regarding BTM accreditation and certification.