Business Technology Management (BTM) leaders are essential for successful digital innovation, transformation, and entrepreneurship.

Join our conversation in defining the educational and training requirements of next generation digital leaders.

What are our objectives?

  • Modernize leadership and talent management practices to ensure success of digital projects.
  • Redefine educational and training requirements for digital project leaders and team members.
  • Unite business, computing, and engineering graduates toward a common digital leadership career.
  • Overcome the burden of multi-certifications with BTM as a prerequisite (2 certifications, not 3-5).
  • Create the BTM Body of Knowledge (BOK) as a free, open, customizable digital leadership guidance.

How can you help?

Share your viewpoint with the community

Please fill-out our BTM survey on Next Generation digital leadership competencies.

BTM is still in development, and we need to integrate viewpoints from all interested, e.g., students, professors, professionals, executives, community leaders, etc.

Also invite your colleagues and participate in our ongoing discussions on digital leadership.

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Attain higher educational and training standards

Please enrol in BTM Programs to become BTM Certified and promote new standards.

BTM was conceived initially as a program accreditation standard. Its aim was to help business IT management programs provide a broader perspective and better prepare graduate for digital transformation. A new strategy is under development to ensure greater and faster impact.

We are exploring the possibility to broaden routes to become BTM Certified, through graduation from a BTM program, or through BTM equivalency of prior learning and experience.

Other projects are also considered, such as creating a Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) recognition process to serve as stepping stone for BTM programs, and developing new BTM Awards granted to organizations whose digital teams and leaders have made significant achievements in terms of Digital Innovation, Transformation, and Entrepreneurship (DITE), ensuring the awards is also passed-on as credentials to those responsible for this success.

Join our BTM Accreditation teams to modernize programs.

Learn about BTM Certification through equivalency.

Learn about BTM Awards for digital organizations.

Create, present, and publish new best practices

Please join the BTM BOK working group to help define our free, open, and customizable guidance for future digital leaders.

BTM can serve as a common language uniting business, computing, and engineering disciplines. The purpose is not to replace existing certification standards, but instead create a core language that will help all digital leaders to reuse and customize digital best practices.

Also consider presenting and publishing your contributions to ensure others follow in your steps. It doesn’t have to be perfect, you can propose a short (1000 words) professional magazine article, or a longer (5000 words) academic research article. It can also be promoted in in our events and journal.

Organize, present and/or participate in our online or hybrid BTM events.

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