The ongoing BTM Survey will ensure your views are represented, and that BTM evolves as per community aspirations and priorities. A report synthesizing survey results will be posted on this page in the Fall of 2023. Please participate and stay tuned. Participants will be contacted as soon as an update is available. Digital Leaders, Program


BTM Awards are a new initiative under development by the BTM Forum community. It is essential to recognize and reward the teams and leaders of organizations with significant success in Digital Innovation, Transformation, and Entrepreneurship (DITE) projects. Please participate in our ongoing BTM Survey to ensure your views on this initiative are taken into account.


BTM Certification should soon be open through various routes, including the recognition of prior degrees as covering BTM Learning Outcomes. BTM Accredited programs were until now the only route to become BTM Certified. Once the ongoing consultation is completed, more details will be provided here on how to proceed.


Accreditation ensures better integration of BTM Learning Outcomes. BTM standards have been developed in Canada since 2009, and offered in both Canada and USA. Their origins are from a wide consultation of academics and industry leaders. They were revised in 2016, and are under redevelopment in 2023. Program Faculty – Confirm Interest in BTM Accreditation